Kansas City Local Section

Spencer Award Application

Please copy the text and paste the text into a word document.  This process should allow you to edit, embellish and enhance the areas you feel are most critical and help us in our evaluation of your Nominee.  At the bottom of the page you will find instructions for submission of your nomination.


THE KENNETH A. SPENCER AWARD NOMINATION                          Date_________


This nomination form is a simply guide and should not restrict the scope of the nomination. Please complete the requested information as best you can. Then attach a CV and one or two letters of support with the submission.


1. Candidate’s Name: (Last)                              (First) _____________   (Middle) _____                          


2. Citizenship                       Birthplace                              Date of Birth____________                      


3. Home Address                                              (Number, Street, City, State, Zip)


                      _____________________________  Home Telephone _______________


4. Business Address    ____________________     (Number, Street, City, State, Zip)




    E-mail Address ______________________    Business Telephone ___________________


5. Present Job: (Description of duties and responsibilities.)



6.  Professional Career: (Describe briefly, but thoroughly, in chronological order.)



7. List previous honors granted and date received for professional work during or following




8: List candidate’s most relevant patents and/or published papers by title and reference: (attach complete list in appendix.



9: Description of work to be considered for the Kenneth A. Spencer Award: (State thoroughly and accurately the nature, purpose and results of candidate’s work.) 



10: Appraisal and evaluation:

(Statement of nominator evaluating candidate’s work and its importance to the advancement of agricultural or food chemistry. The appraisal should be thorough and thoughtful and should add to the information already presented on this form. The evaluation and appraisal is of the greatest importance and should be prepared with care. This will spotlight contributions of particular significance to theory or practice, such as analyses of patents, which are especially valuable. If the nominee is not the sole author of important publications, the personal contribution should be specified).



I submit that the facts contained in this nomination are accurate to the best of my knowledge.




Printed Name _______________________________


Title  ________________________________


E-mail Address_________________________


Address _____________________________




Phone    ________________________


Primary Contact:


Submit your application or request for a dropbox to:





Tom Hemling

180 E. Loch Lloyd Parkway

Village of Loch Lloyd, MO 64012


Eckhard Hellmuth 

3 East 55th Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64113