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2016 Award Winner - Dr. Agnes Rimando

The 2016 Spencer Award Winner was Dr. Agnes Rimando.

The presentation can be seen at the YouTube Channel KCACS along with other KCACS recordings.  Click the link below.

KCACS YouTube Channel

Dr. Rimando's presentation can be seen at this channel or use the direct link below. 

 Dr. Rimando Presentation



 Dr. Rimando gets dessert!

 Dinner time and the Good Dr. visits with Guests



Students from Colleges, Universities and area High Schools are always center stage. 


 Visiting Arthur Bryant's BBQ 



 Dr. Pumure....you are up!


 Students shining at 2016 Presentation



 Award Winner, Dr. Agnes Rimando during presentation


Treasurer hard at work. Dr Clapp and MJ counting the spoils