Kansas City Local Section

November 2017 Newsletter



WHEN:  November 14, 2017; Meet, Greet, & Pizza at 6:00;

Talk at 6:30

WHERE:  Mag Center at MRIGlobal, 4920 Cherry Street, KC, MO


PRESENTER:  Dr. Leann Tiede-Lewis, Research Assistant Professor, UMKC Dental School


TALK TITLE"Shining a light on Redox Biochemistry: Using multiphoton microscopy to determine metabolic potential of different cell types in the organ of Corti."


MENU: Minsky’s Pizza, Wine, Beer and Soft Drinks

COST: $5


It’s election time for our local section! 

Please cast your vote!!


Electronic voting close on Nov. 15. Members please check your email!!  You will receive an email from our current Chair, Jon Tally, via SurveyMonkey. Cast your vote by clicking on the survey “ACS-Kansas City Election of Officers, 2018”.  PLEASE NOTE: A paper ballot is included in this newsletter for those wishing to vote via snail mail.  Choose a method and cast your vote!! If voting via snail mail, please remember you must sign your envelope as membership verification.

Mail your ballot to: Gary Clapp, 2903 Wilshire Ct., St. Joseph, MO 64506. If mailing your ballot, please make sure it arrives by Nov. 15, 17; thank you!! YOU MAY ALSO BRING YOUR BALLOT TO THE NOVEMBER 14TH MEETING!  



If you are going to use this ballot you must copy and paste into a word document and print yourself.


Ballot 2018

For the executive officers of the ACS-KC Section


Term begins January 1, 2018 and is a one-year term (with the exception of Councilor and Alternate Councilor whose terms are three years).

*Please NoteThis ballot is included for those who wish to send in their vote via the US Postal Service.  If you’d like to electronically cast your vote, please see instructions listed on Page 1 of this publication.  Thank you very much, in advance, for taking the time to vote!


Our new Chair will be Ms. Michele Sanders.  Thank you, Michele, for the upcoming service to our section!


Chair Elect:

____Bill Gutheil                     



____Jeff Woodford                



____Gary Clapp                    


Councilor:  Please Vote for ONE Candidate Only.  The one who receives the most votes will be our Councilor, and the one with the second highest votes will be our Alternate Councilor.  Thank you for your cooperation.

____Gary Clapp


____ Eckhard Hellmuth




*Please return your ballot (postmarked on or before 11-15-17) with signed legible envelope to: 

Gary Clapp, 2903 Wilshire Ct., St. Joseph MO 64506, OR bring it to the November meeting!  Thank you for taking the time!!